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Commission: Circe the Orc by djunk855 Commission: Circe the Orc by djunk855
Here's another commission of one of my OC from Naruto's Monstrous Daily Life!, again from the lovely :icongintara:, who did the picture of Kaguya and Usagi. Her name is Circe and she's a shy girl who's interests include JRPG and Dating Sim video games and Shoujo and (both normal and reverse) Harem manga. She's often worried about being seen as a monster, not only because she's a Liminal, but because she's an Orc, as Orcs aren't portrayed very positively in most of the games, shows, stories, and/or movies they're featured in. Thankfully she has Mal to help her keep her spirits high. Who's Mal you may ask? Well, that's something you'll find out in the future (at the time of this most, anyway).

Her name (quite obviously) comes from the goddess of magic in Greek mythology, Circe. In the Odyssey by Homer, it is said that she turned many of Odysseus's men into pigs. I loose connection, I know, but I like her name and have fond memories of her from when I was a kid playing the Wish Bone Odyssey computer game. I played that thing SO many times.

Funny thing about Circe, she's the only character who I technically made before coming up with the idea for Naruto's Monstrous Daily Life!. I had originally pitched her as an idea for ElementalShadow's "The Dead Can't be Heard" on fanfiction(dot)net, as an idea of Naruto coming across a carnival/freak show that had her on display as the "Pig Girl", alongside a young Cerea being used to give kids "pony rides", a young Mero swimming through hoops in a tank, and a young (everyone in this story including Naruto was younger, I should mention) Cathyl being a "milk your own drink" booth (the story had a darker tone to it and was set solely in Naruto's world, so I had my idea reflect that). ElementalShadow had even contacted me back and said he would use it after the current arc, but he never actually updated the story after that. Back then, Circe was more "book smart" nerdy instead of "geeky interests" nerdy, and her name was Elda (after I started planning Naruto's Monstrous Daily Life! I change it to Sowla before settling on Circe).

As always, here's a link to the story:…
Borelloman Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
she looks cute.
evilkittypwnsall Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016
I gotta give you props for putting a plus sized girl in the harem of this story, this is such a rarity in these types of stories. I look forward to seeing her and the rest of the remaining girls in the future.
djunk855 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016
I like most body types and I tend to put more stock in characters personality than appearance (not to say I dislike Circe's appearance; she's cute as a button), so it wasn't really something I had to think too hard about. Also, thanks for the well wishes.
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November 29, 2016
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