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Commission: Moreno the Blue Oni by djunk855 Commission: Moreno the Blue Oni by djunk855
Here's another commission of one of my OC from Naruto's Monstrous Daily Life!, this time from :icondragonmanx:. Moreno is a genius Blue Oni scientist, but she has a propensity for some rather...strange experiments. Basically, she's a bit of a mad scientist. While a genius capable of amazing things, she often does experiments that can have...mixed results. It's not uncommon for her to accidentally blow something or turn an ordinary everyday object into a strange creature.

Her name comes from a famous luchador named Alejandro Muñoz Moreno, better known as The Blue Demon, though it's pronounced as if written in kana ("Moe", then "Re" with a short e sound (like the "e" in "Ben"), then "No"). She was the first character in this story to be given a unique design, as there was no Blue Oni official art to base her off of. The idea behind her was basically, "When I think of Oni, I think dumb and brutish, so why don't I do the opposite and make her a genius and a scientist?". That's also why I gave her a leopard print dress instead of the typical tiger print (to create a contrast). Just in case someone mentions it, I'm aware that Blue Oni are usually smarter and calmer than Red Oni (as well as drunkards), but it happened how it happened.

Moreno is a character I always take into account when I think of possible future plots that are more serious, as she would be the techie one, so expect her to play an important role in the long term of it. While she's not in the story yet at the time of this post, expect her to appear as the third girl after Toph.

As always, here's a link to the story:…
Borelloman Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017
she looks like the sister of tio.
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