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Commission: Thera the Large Breed Arachne by djunk855 Commission: Thera the Large Breed Arachne by djunk855
Here's another commission of one of my planned characters for Naruto's Monstrous Daily Life!, this one done by :icondragonmanx:, who did the pictures of Saboten, Moreno, and Aria. Thera is a Large Breed Arachne who joined the Exchange Program for one reason and one reason only: To prove a Large Breed Arachne can succeed in the Exchange Program. You see, in the early days of the Exchange Program there were several incidents involving Large Breed Arachne attacking their handlers, causing them to be banned from the program, and were the first species as a whole barred from it. They were, and to some degree still are, used by those against the program and Liminals in general as a symbol of their cause. Thera adamantly wants to show that her people can be more than what people thinks they are, so she attempted to convince the people of the Exchange Program to use her as a test case, but there wasn't really anyone willing to host her. At least, not until Ms Smith found Naruto. Thera, while an easily angered individual, has dedicated herself to her cause and resolved to not hurt anyone, Liminal or human. As you may notice from the knitting needles she's holding, she likes to knit and sew and the like and dreams of being a great seamstress (she won't be in the program forever, after all). When she's feeling angry or stressed, she'll knit/sew to relive it, using either actual materials or her own silk. After a particularly intense session, she may need to eat quite a bit of high protein foods to restore her silk supplies.

Her name comes from Theraphosidae, the family of spiders that Tarantula belong to. Funny thing about Thera, she was originally supposed to be the first girl, not Chichi. This is because one of the main reasons I wanted to have this story made was because I wanted to see Naruto paired with a Large Breed Arachne character, and I realized I probably wasn't going to see it happen if I didn't make it happen myself. When Drake was writing up the plan for the first chapter, he had accidentally mixed up which Arachne character from my planning doc I wanted to be first, before mentioning how the setup reminded him of Everyday Life with Bike Cop. I noticed the similarity, and not wanting to make it seem like I was trying to emulate it, I decided to stick with the change.

At the time of this posting, it'll likely be a few girls before Thera is added, as I don't want to add two types of Arachne too close together.

As always, here's the link to Naruto's Monstrous Daily Life!…
Borelloman Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017
the new chapter is great. i can't wait for the next chapter. thera looks interesting as chichi. it would be funny if naruto have two spider girls at his home.
but i wonder if naruto is ready to do all for to save hos girls. i can't stop to think naruto kills a group bad guys before his girls and the member from MON. he doing this only because the guys threat him if he isn't there they would use the girls for their own ways. his girls are shocked and at the same time they love him very much.
evilkittypwnsall Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017
Why do I have the feeling that she's going to be the one to fix Kaguya's kimono. Either way, love her so far and I can't wait for the next chapter...seriously I'm going through withdraw at this point.
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